• Romana


Awards and prestigious collaborations

The value of the ensemble has been internationally and nationally recognized through the large number of distinctions conferred, the most important being “The Cultural Merit” Order in the Rank of Knight Category D – „Performing Arts” awarded to Junii Sibiului, by His Excellency Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania, “as a sign of appreciation for the important activity in the service of the performing arts, becoming a true ambassador of the Romanian traditional culture”. Moreover, the President of Romania conferred “The Cultural Merit” Order in the rank of Knight Category F – „Promotion of Culture” to manager Silvia Macrea, “as a sign of appreciation for the important activity put in the service of promoting the Romanian values, both in the country and abroad, as well as for the merits of discovering and appreciating the traditional civilisation”.

Also, as a sign of high appreciation for the effort made to preserve the national identity and to promote the Romanian cultural values, in 2023 the Ministry of Culture awarded the Ensemble the Distinction of Excellence.

Participations in important competitions were awarded with prizes such as those obtained in 1964 and 1967 at the National Contest of Amateur Formations, in 1970 at the Almond Blossom International in Agrigento, in 1973 at the International Festival in Llangollen, UK, etc. In the following decade, Junii Sibiului was the first Romanian folk ensemble to reach the United States of America.

In the National Galleries of Romanian Folk Music, the ensemble was always on top, obtaining the Prize “A lifetime in the service of Romanian folklore”; special prizes for the artistic performances of the soloists and instrumentalists, alongside the Prize for a sustained activity in the field of traditional culture and the Special Award for the choreographer Silvia Macrea. In the International Competition “Morning Star” from Bulgaria, Junii Sibiului won the 1st Prize and the Gold Medal in the section 4 Professional pairs, in 2017.


Junii Sibiului`s honours list is completed by distinctions, at home, in Romania, and abroad. We mention selectively: Gramata awarded by Irineu Duvlea, Vicar Bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, Diploma of Excellence, in appreciation and gratitude, for the whole artistic career and for collaboration on an exceptional professional level with the Romanian Television, Diplomas of Excellence, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and by Sibiu County Council.

Beyond the over 300 prizes, Junii Sibiului was messenger of the Romanian folklore at international events, performing in 2008 in front of the high officials present at the NATO Summit in Bucharest: US President George Bush with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Turkey’s President Abdullah Gül, Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi. In 2012, the ensemble performed at the Official Dinner organized by UEFA, being applauded by Michel Platini, Gheorghe Hagi, Anghel Iordanescu and Miodrag Belodedici. In 2019, Junii Sibiului performed at the Informal Summit of Heads of State or Government of the European Union, held in Sibiu, and attended the Farewell Ceremony, organized for His Holiness Pope Francis at Sibiu International Airport on June 2, 2019.

On October 2022, the ensemble performed, for the guests of The ITU Plenipotentiary Conference: ministers and delegates from 193 countries who participated at the events held in the "Dimitrie Gusti" Village Museum, in Bucharest.

Tens of thousands of pages have been dedicated to Junii Sibiului by media in Romania and abroad. In 1967, the French newspapers wrote about the formidable Romanians who brought the Romanian treasure to Paris, in 1972, the Dutch journalists were astonished to see Brunssum’s inhabitants come out on the streets to greet the Romanians, in 1985 the Canadian press remarked the explosion of colour and sound, the crazy, throbbing rhythm of Junii Sibiului dances and in 2012, Portuguese newspapers described how Romanians and residents of the Chiado district, in the heart of Lisbon, danced together. In 2019 and 2020, Romanian newspapers in the USA talked about the frenzy caused by the performances given by our artists.