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About us


75 years of activity, over 45.000 performances, over 3.800 dancers, almost 200 national prizes and international trophies – these are the achievements of Junii Sibiului, the oldest folk Romanian dance group and one of the oldest in Europe.
Nowadays, “Cindrelul-Junii Sibiului” has 100 members and collaborators and it is a Professional Folk Ensemble, functioning inside The County Centre for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Sibiu, under the authority of the County Council of Sibiu.
Dynamism and diversity are the key terms defining the Ensemble’s performances and repertoire consisting of folk dances and songs, customs from the most representative folk areas of Romania. Under Silvia Macrea’s brilliant signature, the artistic concept offers true insights into the richness of traditional culture, and it is completely adapted to the 21st century requirements by using video projections and modern technical resources.
The undeniable value of the repertoire, the unique concept of each show and the artists’ virtuosity define today the Professional Folk Ensemble “Cindrelul-Junii Sibiului” and recommend it as a true ambassador of traditional culture and of Romania. Thus, Junii Sibiului were invited to perform at world-renowned festivals, international tourism fairs, world fairs - Hannover 2000 and Milan 2015, on TV shows and on events that marked the recent history, such as Sibiu - European Capital of Culture 2007, NATO Summit - Bucharest, 2008, UEFA Europe League Final - Bucharest, 2012.
During the 75 years of activity, the trademark Junii Sibiului has become synonymous with the professionalism of each and every show, with the talent and dedication of the artists and the technical team, with the extremely diverse props and the interest to promote traditional culture.

Choreographers: Theodor Vasilescu and Silvia Macrea
Assistant choreographer: Alesea Sas
Musical conductor: Gabriel Popescu
Manager: Silvia MACREA